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Bioveta participates in seminars in Pakistan

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Bioveta participates in seminars in Pakistan From May 4th to 13th, our regional director MVDr. Jiří Neužil visited Pakistan. Prepared by our Lahore based distributor, company SNAM, the event was long time in making. The lecture tour began in the city of Karachi, where a seminar on covering topics of vaccination and immunology of dogs and cats took place. 146 local veterinary practitioners from the country's largest city participated at the event.

The prepared program of seminars continued in the Pakistani city of Hyderabad with poultry veterinarians. In addition to our ORNI vaccine s range  introducion Dr. Neužil focused in his lecture on Bronchitis, as the Bioveta Ornibron H120 + D274 vaccine should be registered in Pakistan in the coming months.

From the south of the country, our regional director then flew to Gujranwala, where a seminar on vaccination of dogs and cats took place again, which again enjoyed great interest from local veterinarians. The hall of the largest hotel in the city was absolutely jam-packed!

The last seminar took place in Lahore, the headquarters of our local distributor, SNAM. The seminar was interesting mainly because we managed to bring  together two groups of veterinarians who usually meet separately. These are young and older colleagues, or junior and more senior, if you like The event again enjoyed a very high attendance, reaching up to 150 veterinary professionals.

The questions were mostly related to the treatment and prevention of canine parvovirus and leptospirosis serovars. There were also numerous questions about recommended storage and transport temperature of the vaccines, as at that time the daily temperature in Pakistan reached up to 42°C.  Questions about Lyme disease and, of course, the biggest problem - rabies - were also quite surprising.

Finally, we would like to thank the organizer of the visit, SNAM, because it was certainly not easy to organize four large events in one week in terms of logistics, time and financial commitment. Visits to clinics, which are often not inferior to clinics of European type and level, were also very beneficial for the further direction of the use of Bioveta products in Pakistan. 



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