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Bioveta visits Azerbaijan again

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Bioveta visits Azerbaijan again At the beginning of May 2019, MVDr. Pavel Raška, Bioveta’s Product Manager for Cattle returned to the Transcaucasus Republic Azerbaijan for a week-long mission.

After the visit last autumn, which met the aims of introducing our company and its products for cattle at seminars for veterinary surgeons in that country, this time MVDr. Raška visited several farms engaged in breeding dairy cattle. Along with business partners from our distribution company that supplies farms with our products, they ran over 1,400 km in 4 days and visited several farms. All the farms, fully comparable to European standards, were either completely new, modern buildings or older types of housing that underwent major reconstructions. Unfortunately, the growing import of milk substitutes from various countries of the world has recently been negatively impacting the economy of dairy herd farming and has reduced the purchase price below USD 0.3 per litre. While the cost of one dairy cow feeding day is at least about USD 5, even in Europe. From the viewpoint of health, diarrhoea and respiratory diseases of calves and young cattle, often also trichophytosis and reproductive disorders, mastitis and limb diseases of dairy cows are prevailing problems being solved. The Bioveta’s product portfolio that has been authorised so far helps local veterinarians and farmers to solve and prevent these problems effectively. The veterinarians, who are direct employees of the farm owners, appreciated the safety and efficacy of our vaccines.

During the visits to individual farms, contacts from the previous visit were further strengthened and new contacts were established, especially through consultations of current health status, practical expert recommendations, modifications of health programs and modelling of optimal vaccination schemes. In the country where herds are commonly vaccinated against diseases that are virtually unknown in the Czech Republic and the EU, such as brucellosis, SLAK, anthrax, the creation of effective vaccination schemes is quite exacting. Clients were also preliminarily acquainted with other products that are completing authorisation procedures in Azerbaijan. In particular, it was possible to register the current interest in products for the treatment of mastitis and an immunity corrector. Thus, there was a consensus on the need to periodically return to clients and further strengthen confidence in mutually beneficial cooperation, effective for cattle breeding.

The second mission of Bioveta’s representative after the recent race of the F1 World Championship and before the Euroleague football finals, hosted by the capital of Baku, was probably easily overlooked by purely sports fans, but not by cattle breeders.

See you next time, Azerbaijan.

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