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BIO KILL insekticid

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Product for disinsection, insekticidum

type of preparative: Antiparasitics

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Active substance:

Product for disinsection, insekticidum


BIO KILL is a insecticidal spraying preparation with a long-term effect. It is determined for use against insects in households, health service establishments, food- processing plants, social plants, social institutions, against cockroaches, kitchen cockroaches, flies, mosquitos, bed-bugs, fleas, moths, ants, wasps, silver fish, mites, vermins of food and fabrics

Instructions before application:

Shake before application.
Apply the preparation from distance of about 30 cm to all places where insects stay and shelter. The attended area should  be evenly wet. The preparation has no odour and it doesn´t keep visible traces. 
Repeat the spraying after 3-4 weeks or in case of recurrence of insects.

  1. Against cockroaches and kitchen cockroaches – apply in form of strips in the cornes of the room, on door and window casing, around litter bins, washbasins, sewerage, distribution of heat and hot water
  2. Against flies and mosquitos  - apply on places where they usually seat, i.e. on window casing, ceiling, around droplight etc.
  3. Against fleas  - apply on the whole floor, carpet, resting place of pets
  4. Against other species – apply direct to a place of their occurence

Not intended to administration  on skin or coat of domestic animals. Toxic for cats,  eliminate the contact of cats with the insecticide.

Special storage precautions :

At temperature of 10-40 °C

Shelf life:

36 months


100 ml, 200 ml, 450 ml – in white polyethylene bottle with mechanical spraying apparatus

1000 ml, 5000 ml – in white polyethylene bollte with a top

Not all pack sizes may be marketed.