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JODOUTER 100 mg/ml intrauterine solution

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Intrauterine solution

type of preparative: Other products
target species animals: Pig, Cattle

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Povidonum iodinatum (10%) - 10 g in 100 ml of carrier substance.
Excipients: Dexpanthenol, Glycerol 85%, Nonoxynol 9, Poloxamer, Acidum citricum monohydricum, Natrii hydrogenophosphas dodecahydrate, aqua pro injectione.

Effect method:

Aqueous solution with complex-bound iodine has antimicrobial effects, the carrier substance keeps the mucosa sufficiently hydrated, accelerates the healing process and acts as an uterotonic.


Vagina contamination by urine (urovagina), vagina and vagina vestibule inflammations (vaginitis, vestibulitis), cervix uteri inflammations (cervicitis), acute and chronic uterine mucosa inflammations (endometritis) caused by acute and subacute infections, trichomoniasis, vagina injuries, insufficient uterus contractility after delivery (atonia uteri post partum), lochiometra, retention of secundines (retentio secundinarium) and pyometra.

Indication group:

Local antiseptic, disinfectan


Hypersensitivity to iodine, hyperthyroidism and other thyroid malfunctions, pregnancy.


By absorption into the system circulation, it may reduce effects of peroral anticoagulants. Simultaneous administration of lithium salts increases the risk of hyperthyroidism.

Therapeutic form:

Intra-uterine solution


Intra-uterine administration by means of a catheter and metrinjector. Apply 50 to 150 ml of the solution by physiological capacity of the vagina.

  • endometritis, trichomoniasis - 1 package (150 ml). Treatment of impotence must be carry out in metester or diester. Cervicitis , vaginitis, vestibulitis - local treatment with a soaked tampon may be done or irrigation. (The tampon is extract after treatment.)
  • urine aggregates are extracted by massaging and then 1 package, i.e. 150 ml is administered intrauterinally.
Atonia of uterus and pyometra:
  • a lavage of uterus is carried out; if the used volume of the solution is larger than the physiological volume of the uterus, it is necessary to discharge the solution out of the uterus.
Retention of placenta:
  • after administration, contractures of the uterus develop and the bleeding stops; the placenta has a courser consistency and can be easily treated.

The subsequent treatment can be carried out with the same dose.   

  • lavage with 150 ml of the product or more of the solution by physiological capacity of the vagina.
  • the therapeutic lavage should be carried out within 12 hours after the birth.
  • sterility as a consequence of a subacute infection - administration of 300 ml of the product.
  • the subsequent treatment can be carried out with the same dose.

Preparation for application:

Shake thoroughly before use!

Method of administration:


Adverse effects:

Allergic reactions may occur in sensitive animals (ador, irritation and the like), only exceptionally it may affect thyroid gland functions.


It cannot be mixed with other solutions in one syringe. It can cause precipitation of active ingredients.


Store in a dry place at temperatures between 15 and 25 °C. Protect from light! Keep out of the reach and sight of children!

Withdrawal period:



1 x 150 ml

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