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For active immunization of clinically healthy pigs from 2 weeks of age in the environment contaminated with the European type of PRRS virus.

Lyophilisate and solvent for suspension for injection for pigs

1 x 5 doses, 5 x 5 doses, 1 x 25 doses

  • Live attenuated vaccine for active immunization against the European type of virus in:piglets from 2 weeks of age against respiratory manifestations of occurred lung lesions
    • sows and gilts to reduce viremia and transplacental infections
    • Onset of immunity up to the protective level - within 4 weeks after vaccination.
  • Duration of immunity:
    • Fattening pigs - duration of immunity for 6 months. Vaccination of two-week-old piglets has been shown to significantly reduce occurrence of lung lesions after the challenge test performed 180 days after vaccination
    • Sows and gilts - duration of immunity for 16 weeks. Minimizes negative impacts on reproductive performance
  • Absolutely safe profile of use even in lactating sows. It does not reduce milk production, when used during lactation
  • No withdrawal periods

Vaccine composition:

PRRS virus, live attenuated, strain BIO 60 - EU (min. 103,4 TCID50–max. 106,8 TCID50) + solvent

Vaccination schedule:

  • Low vaccination dose – 2 ml
  • Vaccination intramuscularly behind the ear, leading to in excellent resorption
  • A single dose is given to pigs from 2 weeks of age
  • Pigs for fattening: one vaccine dose is sufficient to protect them until slaughter
  • Breeding pigs: (re)vaccination is recommended in gilts 4 weeks before mating. To achieve a uniform level of protection, revaccination at regular intervals is recommended, either before each subsequent pregnancy or for the whole period of keeping every 16 weeks
  • New, PRRS virus-free animals brought to the farm (e.g. gilts from PRRS-negative farms) should be vaccinated before conception

You can read more about this medicinal product in the package leaflet.