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Bioveta responds to the Russian demand

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Bioveta responds to the Russian demand The newspaper (Lidové noviny) has focused itself on the growing Russian demand for veterinary drugs and its impact on the Czech export. Bioveta could certainly not miss such a topic. Kristýna Prokopová, Regional Director for Russia, has explained in the interview what is behind Bioveta success on the Russian market.

According to Lidové noviny, interest in livestock breeding grows rapidly in Russia. It is therefore not surprising that Czech export to this area grows year-on-year continuously. Due to the sanctions imposed by Moscow on the import of foodstuffs, the local farmers had to adapt themselves and learn to become self-sufficient. This has led to an enormous demand for veterinary medicines, which will allow them to take care of their farms. Bioveta was able to respond flexibly and effectively to this demand. In Russia, foreign companies often face a language and cultural barrier that prevents development of deeper business relationships, but Bioveta has quickly adapted to these conditions. Thanks to the Russian-speaking Regional Director, Kristýna Prokopová, as well as the product managers who have mastered this language, Bioveta is able to provide quickly the complete necessary information about the products and organize training for the local veterinarians and breeding managers. Kristýna Prokopová describes the Russian market for Lidové noviny as follows: “Russia is a very specific market. Because it is closed, it is mostly based on personal contacts. A lot of Czech companies try to find a firm place in Russia, but many of them close their business unsuccessfully after the first year of operation on the local market. Mostly because they did not find a quality Russian partner for distribution and sale of their product. Our company has a branch in Moscow and a representative of the company is permanently present in Russia, which plays a big role."

Pet breeding is also experiencing a boom in the Russian Federation. As Kristýna Prokopová also confirms, pets in Russia have become full members of the households who receive a proper veterinary care. This can be evidenced by a growing number of the newly opened veterinary clinics in all major cities. The pet owners demand quality products to ensure health of their pets, and the Bioveta product portfolio is therefore very popular.

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