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ADE - vit injection solution

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Vitamin product

type of preparative: Vitamins, food supplements
target species animals: Sheep, Goat, Rabbit, Dog, Horse, Cattle, Pig

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Composition - 100 ml:

Retinoli propionas - 10 mil. IU, Ergocalciferolum - 10 mil. IU, Tocoferoli alfa acetas - 3 g, Buthylhydroxytoluenum, Glyceromacrogoli 2000 ricinoleas, triglycerida saturata media.

Pharmacotherapeutical group:


Action mode:

Vitamin A:
  • Retinol creates together with corresponding apoproteins photosensitive pigments in the eyes, it is vital for the growth of epithelial cells and for functional mucous membrane barrier preventing infection to enter into the organism.  It is an effective trap of singlet oxygen and also hydroxyl and peroxyl radicals. Retinol is bound to retinol binding protein and also to HDL and LDL lipoproteins. It protects skin against photosensibilizing damage. 
  • its structure is close to steroids. It is obtained by photochemical fission reaction. A small limited amount of D2 vitamin is obtained also by suitable fermentation of green fodder, from ergosterol.  It takes part in regulation of calcium level in plasma. It can be qualified as a growth factor.
Tocopherol acetate alpha:
  • It works as an arrester of free oxygen radicals and as an antioxidant in the animal organism. Vitamin E works as a strong reduction agent keeping the balance between the reduced -SH and oxidized S-S glutathione groups. It tries to reverse this balance in the benefit of -SH reduced groups. This way it influences redox processes in the organism and its lacking would interfere with activity of a range of enzymes. It has a relatively wide therapeutic use, its antitumour and antisclerotic effects have been proven.


Hypovitaminosis and avitaminosis A, Dand E; growth and metabolism disorders in young domestic animals, increased susceptibility to infectious diseases of respiratory and digestive systems; hemeralopia, xerophtalmia, keratomalacia, epithelial alteration, acne, hyperkeratotic eczema, rachitis, osteomalacia, disorders caused by low calcium level in the organism, support of bone fractures healing and correct teeth genesis, micrococcal infections in piglets. Supportive treatment of sterility without known aetiology, prophylaxis of embryonic mortality and  foetus genesis disorders in the prenatal period, oligospermia, poor libido sexualis in males, myodystrophy in lambs and calves; replenishment of vitamin reserves before giving birth and at new-born animals, especially in exposed zoohygienic and dietetic conditions.


Hypervitaminosis A, allergy to active substances and adjuvants.


During administration, plasmatic vitamin levels can be effected if antiepileptics are administered at the same time.

Indication group:





  • Cattle, horse 5 - 10 ml
  • calf, pig, foal 3 - 7 ml
  • piglet, lamb, kid 1 - 3 ml
  • dog 0.1 ml / 5 kg live weight
  • rabbit 0.1 ml 

To be repeated in serious cases 2 - 3 times in 2-day intervals in half doses.

Adverse effects:



100 ml, 500 ml


Before use heat the content to 20°C. The preparation must be used within 21 days after first opening. It is necessary to follow the rules of a good intramuscular administration and especially to prevent irritation of important vessels and nerves.


In a dark and dry place, at 8 - 15°C. The preparation must be used within 21 days after the first opening.

Protection period:

No protection periods

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