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BIOCAN NOVEL Pi/L4, lyophilisate and solvent for injection

Homepage Products Veterinary products BIOCAN NOVEL Pi/L4, lyophilisate and solvent for injection

Live attenuated vaccine against parainfluenza and inactivated vaccine against four serovars of leptospira.

type of preparative: Vaccines
target species animals: Dog

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Composition per 1 ml

Canine Parainfluenza Type 2 virus, strain CPiV-2 Bio 15   103.1 TCID50*  -    105.1 TCID50*

Diluent 1 ml (inactivated component of the leptospira vaccine)

Leptospira icterohaemorrhagiae, strain MSLB 1089       GMT**≥1:51 ALR***

Leptospira canicola, strain MSLB 1090                           GMT**≥1:51 ALR***

Leptospira grippotyphosa, strain MSLB 1091                  GMT**≥1:40 ALR***

Leptospira bratislava, strain MSLB 1088                         GMT**≥1:51 ALR***

Adjuvant: aluminium hydroxide (quantifies as Al2O3)           1.8-2.2 mg

* Tissue culture infectious dose – 50%
** Geometric mean titre
*** Antibody micro agglutination-lytic reaction (serology in rabbits)

Target species



Active immunization of dogs from 8 weeks of age.

To prevent:

  • clinical signs (nasal and ocular discharge) and reduce viral excretion caused by canine parainfluenza virus
  • clinical signs, infection and urinary excretion caused by L.interrogans serogroup australis serovar bratislava
  • clinical signs and urinary excretion and reduce infection caused by L.interrogans serogroup canicola serovar canicola 
    and L. interrogans serogroup icterhaemorhagiae serovar icterohaemorrhagiae
  • clinical signs and reduce infection and urinary excretion caused by L.kirschneri serogroup grippotyphosa serovar grippotyphosa

Route of administration and dosage

SC (subcutaneously) behind the shoulder blade.

Although it is possible to vaccinate a puppy since the age of 6 weeks to immunize against parainfluenza and leptospirosis, the main purpose of this vaccine is to conduct annual booster vaccination of dogs when the 3-yearly vaccines are still within the duration of immunity (CP, CD, CAV1 and 2, rabies).

Revaccination – annually.


Store in a dark and dry place at 2°C - 8°C.

Store and transport refrigerated (2°C – 8°C). Do not freeze. Protect from light.

Shelf life

Shelf life of the veterinary medicinal product as packaged for sale: 2 years.

Once the vaccine is mixed with the diluent, it should be used immediately without further storage.


10 x 1 dose.

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