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Homepage Products Veterinary products BIOVETA FENBENDAZOL 40 mg/g powder

Peroral antiparasitic for the therapy and prevention of porcine helminthiasis

type of preparative: Antiparasitics
target species animals: Pig

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Composition - 1 kg:

Fenbendazolum 40.00  g

Extruded wheat meal ad 1 000.00 g

Pharmacological properties:

Fenbendazole is a wide-range antiparasitic. It is active against gastronematodes, lung maggots, some tapeworms and cestodes (porcine parasites of Ascaris, Hyostrongylus, Oesophagostomum, Trichuris, Metastrongylus and Stephanurus families). The preparation has ovicidal effect on roundworm eggs.
Fenbendazole is absorbed perorally by worms and it acts by blocking of tubulin, a structural protein, polymerization inside neural axons. Transport function of absorption cells is disrupted in parasites, thus acting against mature juvenile forms of sensitive helminths.

Therapeutic form:



Porcine helminthosis treatment:

Ascaris suum

Hyostrongylus rubidus

Trichuris spp. 

Oesophagostomum spp

Stephanurus dentatus

Metastrongylus apri




Do not administrate simultaneously with bromsalane antitrematodics.

Method of administration:

Perorally. Fenbendazole is absorbed from the digestive system slowly, it reaches maximum concentration in the plasma after 24 hours with doses of 5 mg per kg of live weight.
Fenbendazole is excreted from organism mainly in the stool, only about 10 % of the administered dose is eliminated by urine.


Pigs: the most usual dose is 5 mg of fenbendazole /kg of live weight. In the case stephanurosis it is 10 mg /kg of live weight and with metastrongyloidiasis 25 mg / kg of live weight.
This dose may be administered either as a one-shot dose or divided into 5 - 15 days in the form of medicated feed. 12.5 g of the preparation represents one dose per 100 kg of live weight.

Adverse effects:



Not indicated


Store in a dry place at temperatures bellow 25 °C. Do not use the preparation after the shelf life expiry date indicated on the cover.

Protection period:

Pork meat: 3 days

Shelf life:

Consume immediately


1 x 0.5 kg, 1 x 3 kg, 1 x 5 kg, 1 x 10 kg, 1 x 15 kg and 1 x 25 kg in closed paper, plastic or metal covers.

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