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Diagnostic Kit for Brucellosis Using Slow Agglutination (SA) Method

Homepage Products Veterinary products Diagnostic Kit for Brucellosis Using Slow Agglutination (SA) Method

Serologic diagnostics of brucellosis in humans, cattle, pigs, sheep and goats by the method of slow agglutination.

type of preparative: Diagnostics
target species animals: Pig, Cattle, Goat, Sheep

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The set contains:

Brucella abortus antigen for slow agglutination

An inactivated bacterial suspension of the strain Brucella abortus preserved by phenol. The suspension is calibrated and adjusted in order to give well-visible agglutination reaction in the working dilution of 1:9 with standard positive serum in the dilution of 1:499 at maximum.

Checking positive Brucella abortus serum 

Monovalent serum containing specific agglutination antibodies against brucellosis preserved by phenol; the serum is calibrated by a standard antigen and its capacity is adjusted in order to give well-visible agglutination reaction in the minimum titre of 640.


For serologic diagnostics of brucellosis in humans, cattle, pigs, sheep and goats by the method of slow agglutination.

Target animals

Human, cattle, pigs, sheep, goat.

Dosage and application

Performance of the test

Dilution of the tested and checking positive serum is performed in seven test tubes so that 0.9 ml of saline with 0.5 % of phenol is pipetted into the first test tube and 0.5 ml of this solution is pipetted into the other test tubes. Into the first test tube in the first row 0.1 ml of checking positive serum is added, and 0.1 ml of the tested serum is added into the first test tube in the second. The serums in the first test tubes are mixed thoroughly and 0.5 ml from each of the test tubes are carried over to the second ones in the rows. This procedure is repeated to the last test tubes, from which the diluted serum surplus in the amount of 0.5 ml is harmlessly removed. This way the serum dilution is 1:10 in the first test tube, 1:20 in the second one and so on. Then we add 0.5 ml of the antigen diluted with 5 % NaCl solution in the working dilution of 1:9 to the serum dilutions obtained this way.

After thorough shaking, the test tubes are incubated at the temperature of 37 °C in the thermostat for 20 hours. After removing the test tubes from the thermostat and their standing for 60 minutes, reading of the reaction is performed.

Evaluation of the test

+++                 100 % agglutination, complete clarification or only slight opalescence of the supernatant

++                   50 % agglutination, marked agglutinate, slight turbidity of the supernatant

+                      25 % agglutination, sporadic floccules, strong turbidity of the supernatant

–                     negative agglutination, milky turbidity


In a dry and dark place at the temperature of 2 - 8 °C.

Shelf life

2 years.
In case of the set completion from the components of various batches, the shortest expiry time is determining.


Brucella abortus antigen for SA                                100 ml
Checking positive Brucella abortus serum               1 ml

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