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GAFERVIT injection solution

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Antianemic and immunopreventive product containing vitamin of group B product for piglets

type of preparative: Antianemics
target species animals: Pig

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Composition - 100 ml:

Immunoglobulinum suilum nativum - 5000,000 mg, Dextraferranum - 700,000 mg, Thiaminihydrochloridum - 3,000 mg, Riboflavinum - 1,140 mg, Pyridoxini hydrochloridum - 0,280 mg, Nicotinamidum -42,840 mg, Calcii pantothenas - 1,600 mg, Cupri chloridum - 2,707 mg, Cobaltosi chloridum - 0,266 mg, thiomersal, saline.

Effect method:

Porcine immunoglobulin supplies the organism passively with antibodies, iron dextran complex causes strong anabolic effect in piglets, stimulates protosynthesis, haem creation and unspecific protection systems of the organism. Copper takes part in reserve iron transport in the organs, cobalt is an important microelement with a high biological activity and activator of some enzymes. Effects of vitamin B group are generally known. Their parenteral administration replenishes their optimum concentration in the organism considering that absorption of these vitamins from the porcine digestion tract is limited.


Anaemia, hypoglobulinaemia, cachexia, retardation, diseases connected with weaning (diarrhoea, decreased appetite, etc.), metabolic derangement in piglets.

Indication group:

Antianaemic, immunopreventive, roborant and vitamined preparation for piglets.





Method of administration:



  • Piglets aged up to 10 days 3 ml
  • Piglets aged from 10 up to 20 days 5 ml
  • Piglets older than 20 days 10 ml.
  • Apply one dose and repeat the application after 7 -10 days, if necessary.
  • The application is most effective in piglets during 2nd - 4th day after the birth.

Adverse effects:



The preparation must be used within 1 month after the first opening.


Store in dark and dry places at the temperature of 2 - 8 °C.

Protection period:


Shelf life:

2 years. Do not use after the expiry date stated on the label.


100 m

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