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IMULYZIN suspension for injection

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Immunomodulans, to increase passive immunity and protect the health of calves.

type of preparative: Antisera, gloubulins
target species animals: Cattle

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Pharmaceutical form

Suspension for injection.

Brown to dark red liquid without opalescence.


Immunoglobulini bovini solutio (as γ-globulins)                          min. 0.06 g

Lysinum (as 200 mg Lysini hydrochloridum)                                0.16 g


For immunological balance of calf population, especially in buildings with high concentrations of animals. Preferably, the product can be used in dairy cows in the dry period and after calving.

The product is used:

1. For protective administration against infectious diseases of the respiratory tract and diarrhoeal diseases in calves, during the states of hypo and agammaglobulinaemia, during various states of emergency and general debilitation.

2. As part of comprehensive treatments (supportive therapy). The product is administered in case of epidemic waves, or at critical times of the year, or for regular treatment of each batch of calves according to the situation.

Target animals


Dosage and application

Subcutaneous or intramuscular administration.

Preventive administration:

Calves under 10 days              10 – 15 ml

Calves over 10 days                 15 – 30 ml

The minimum dose is 0.2 ml per 1 kg of body weight to each newly born individual as soon as possible after birth or to each individual included in common stabling, preferably before collection, or after acceptance in the stable, preferably within 24 hours after acceptance. It is recommended to repeat the dose between days 10 and 20 after the first administration.

Therapeutic administration:

Calves under 10 days               15 ml

Calves over 10 days                  25 ml

Other cattle categories             30 ml

For therapeutic use it is recommended to repeat the dose 2-3 days later. The basic dose can be increased in cases determined by a veterinary surgeon. Higher doses should be administered in divided portions applied to more sites.


Store in a refrigerator (2°C-8°C).

Protect from frost.

Protect from light.

Withdrawal period

Not applicable.

Shelf life

2 years.

Shelf life after first opening: 10 hours.


1 x 100 ml.