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INTRAMAR SEAL 2.6 g Intramammary Suspension

Homepage Products Veterinary products INTRAMAR SEAL 2.6 g Intramammary Suspension

Intramammary product containing bismuth (mechanical sealant) for drying of dairy cows.

type of preparative: Antimicrobial products
target species animals: Cattle

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Intramammary white suspension.


Each applicator (4 g) contains:

Bismuth subnitrate                        2.6 g


For the prevention of new intramammary infections throughout the dry period.

This results in a reduction in the incidence of subclinical mastitis in cows at calving, and of clinical mastitis in the dry period and the subsequent lactation (for at least 60 days after calving).

The use of INTRAMAR SEAL is recommended as part of herd management to prevent mastitis. In cows where subclinical mastitis is not expected, INTRAMAR SEAL may be administered alone at drying off. For other animals, it is necessary to follow the preventive measures used or the advice of a veterinarian.

In practice, criteria for selecting dairy cows may be chosen on the basis of the prevalence of mastitis and somatic cell counts in individual cows, or on the basis of bacteriological examination or a test to detect subclinical mastitis. For individual detection of the number of somatic cells, use INTRAMAR SEAL in cows that have less than 200,000 cells/ml before drying off. A slight increase in somatic cell counts detected in the last 4 weeks before drying off is normal and need not be taken into account.

In cows that may have subclinical mastitis, INTRAMAR SEAL can be used after administration of appropriate antibiotic treatment into the infected quarter.


Cattle – dairy cows in the dry period.


For intramammary administration.

Infuse the contents of one INTRAMAR SEAL applicator into each udder quarter after the last milking of the lactation (at drying off.).  Do not massage the teat or udder after infusion of the product.

To reduce the risk of mastitis, use caution after application of the product to prevent pathogens from entering the udder.

INTRAMAR SEAL has no antimicrobial activity, so it is essential that the teat is thoroughly cleaned mechanically and disinfected with surgical alcohol, a disinfectant wipe or other suitable technique before application. The teats should be cleaned until the wipes are visibly dirty. Allow the teats to dry prior to infusion. Infuse aseptically and take care to avoid contamination of the applicator nozzle. Following infusion it is advisable to use an appropriate teat dip or spray.


This veterinary medicinal product does not require any special storage conditions.


Meat: Not applicable.

Milk: Not applicable.


Shelf life of the veterinary medicinal product as packaged for sale: 2 years.

Shelf life after first opening the immediate packaging: Use immediately.


24 x 4 g, 160 x 4 g. Each package includes disinfectant wipes moistened with 65% isopropyl alcohol solution (2.4 ml/wipe) to clean teats.

Not all pack sizes may be marketed.