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JODOUTER 100 mg/ml intrauterine solution

Homepage Products Veterinary products JODOUTER 100 mg/ml intrauterine solution

Intrauterine aqueous solution for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the genital tract.

type of preparative: Antiseptics, disinfections
target species animals: Pig, Cattle

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Pharmaceutical form

Yellow-brownish to red-brownish intrauterine solution.


Povidonum iodinatum (10 %)                        100 mg/ml

Dexpanthenol, Glycerol 85 % Nonoxinol 9, Poloxamer 188, Citrate monohydrate, Sodium hydrogenphosphate dodekahydrate, water for injection.


Contamination of vagina with urine (urovagina), inflammation of vagina and vaginal vestibulum (vaginitis, vestibulitis), cervix (cervicitis), acute and chronic inflammation of uterine mucosa (endometritis) caused by acute and subacute infections, infection caused by trichomonas, vaginal injury, insufficient contractility of uterus after labour (atonia of uterus after labour), lochiometra, retention of placenta (retentio secundarium), pyometra.

Target animals

Cattle, pigs.

Dosage and application

Intrauterine administration using a catheter (it is not a part of the original packaging) and a meterinjector.

50 ml to 150 ml of solution, according to the volume of uterus.


  • Endometritis, trichomoniasis - 1 package (150 ml) Treatment of sterility must be performed in metestrus or in diestrus. It is possible to recommend flushes 12 hours before insemination in case of 1st degree endometritis. Cervicitis, vaginitis and vulvitis are treated either with a flush or by application of tampons, soaked with solution (tampons are removed after treatment).
  • Urovaginitis: clusters of urates should be removed by massage and then should be adminsitered 1 package, i.e. 150 ml into the vagina, possibly to the intrauterine space.
  • Uterine atonia and pyometra: flush of uterus is performed, in case greater quantity of solution is used, it is necessary to drain the solution from uterus.
  • Retention of placenta: after administration develops contraction of uterus and bleeding stops, placenta is of more rough consistence and it is possible to treat it easily.

Subsequent treatment could be performed with the same dose, it is necessary to shake before use.


  • Flush with 150 ml of product, possibly more according to the physiological volume of uterus. Therapeutic flush must be performed 12 hours after labour.
  • Sterility as a consequence of subacute infection - administration of 300 ml of the product.

Subsequent treatment could be performed with the same dose.  


Store at a temperate below 25oC.

Protect from light.

Withdrawal period

No withdrawal periods.

Shelf life

Shelf-life of the veterinary medicinal product: 18 months.

Use immediately after first opening.


1 x 150 ml in meterinjector (polyethylene pressure vial), which is packed to cardboard cover. Catheter is not a part of the container.