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KOLIERYSIN Neo, emulsion for injection for pigs

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Vaccine against enteric coli infections in suckling piglets, with adherent factors, K88 (F4), K99 (F5), 987P (F6), F41, and with LT thermolabile enterotoxins production, and against porcine erysipelas, inactivated

type of preparative: Vaccines
target species animals: Pig

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Composition - 2 ml:

  • Escherichia coli inactivata min. 5.4 x 109 CFU, max. 5.4 x 1010 CFU
  • Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae inactivatum min. 2 x 1010 CFU, max. 2 x 1011CFU
(3 strains of type 2, 1 strain of type 1)
  • Emulsio olei
  • Formaldehydi solutio 35%
  • Thiomersalum

Effect method:

The vaccine contains E. coli LT + /O147:K88 (F4) ab, O149:K88 (F4) ac, O101:K99 (F5), 987P (F6) and O101:K99:F41/ serotypes enteropathogenic to suckling piglets containing protective fimbriated antigens and producing LT thermolabile enterotoxin. After being applied intramuscularly into the body of a vaccinated individual, the antigens contained in the vaccine activate the immunity system and antibody formation.
Piglets are protected against the illness for the period of suckling from an immunized mother.
The onset of the immunity against erysipelas comes within 21 days following the vaccination and lasts for 6 months.


For the protection against erysipelas in sows, and against enteric coli infections in piglets.


Clinically ill sows and sows suspected of disease.



Method of administration:



Basic vaccination:
  • sows and gilts should be administered 2 ml i.m. not later than 5 weeks before the expected delivery with the single dose of the vaccine KOLIERYSIN NEO inj. a.u.v. In order to protect piglets against enteric coli infections (via the colostric and lactogenic way by suckling from the immunized mother) the revaccination with the single dose of the vaccine KOLISIN NEO shall be performed 10-14 days later. This revaccination should  be performed not later than 14 days before the expected delivery. The revaccination with the vaccine KOLISIN NEO inj. a.u.v. shall be repeated 2 - 3 weeks before the each next expected delivery.

Adverse effects:

Following the vaccination, a temporary increase of body temperature might occur within 2-4 hours, accompanied by reduced food consumption and drowsiness that disappear within 24 - 36 hours. A local reaction might occur at the spot of application that disappears within 2 to 3 weeks.


Shake the vial content before use.

For users:

The product contains mineral oil. Accidental injection or accidental injury by the product being injected can cause strong pain and oedema, particularly when applied into a joint or a finger; rarely, it can result in the loss of the finger affected if the relevant medical care is not ensured quickly.
In case of an accidental injection of the preparation, consult a physician even if the volume injected was small. Show the physician the relevant package leaflet.
When pain persists for more than 12 hours consult your physician repeatedly.

For physicians:

This product contains mineral oil. Irrespectively of the volume injected, an accidental injection of the preparation mentioned can induce the intensive oedema that can result e.g. in ischemic necrosis and even a finger loss. Special, quick surgical care is necessary; the injury can demand surgical intervention (the opening of the affected spot and its irrigation, particularly if a finger pulp or a tendon is affected.


Store at a dark and dry place at the temperature between 2 °C and 8 °C. The vaccine shall not let be frozen!

Withdrawal period:


Shelf life:

18 months, after the first opening: 10 hours.


1 x 50 ml, 1 x 100 ml

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