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PENBITAL 400 mg/ml injection solution

Homepage Products Veterinary products PENBITAL 400 mg/ml injection solution

Gentle preparation for euthanasia without adverse reactions containing pentobarbital

type of preparative: Other products
target species animals: Rabbit, Horse, Cattle, Cat, Fur-bearing animal, Goat, Dog, Pig, Sheep

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1ml contains pentobarbitalum natricum   400.0 mg
(corresponds to 362.94 mg of pentobarbital)

Benzyl alcohol                                               20.0 mg
Patented blue dye                                          0.006 mg

Injection solution. Clear blue solution.

Target species

Cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, horses and rabbits, given the meat are not intended for human consumption.
Dogs, cats and ferrets.

Indications for use, specifying the target species



Do not use for anesthesia.

Special warnings (for each target species)

For an animal, which was put down, make sure the brain death was induced (stopped breathing and no heart activity, disappearance of corneal and papillary reflexes, so absolute areflexia).

Special precautions for use in animals

If there is accidental administration in animals, which are not intended to be put down, immediately take appropriate life saving measures. Ensure the support of essential life functions, especially respiratory and cardio vascular. The appropriate antidote is analeptics.
Meat coming from animals put down by means of pentobarbital cannot be used as feed for animals. Barbiturates are highly persistent in the bodies of animals that have been put down and are also stable at boiling temperature.

Special precautions to be taken by the person administering the veterinary medicinal product to animals

Pentobarbital is a highly effective medicine, which is toxic for humans. Systemic absorption of pentobarbital (including absorption through the skin and eye) causes sedation, induced sleep and respiratory depression.
This product can only be used during the presence of another individual, who can help in the case of accidental exposure of the product. If this individual is not a paramedic, he has to be instructed of the risks associated with this product.
Avoid accidental injury by injection of the product. Avoid consumption, skin or eye contact, including contact with the eyes by the affected hands. Only carry the product in a syringe, which does not have the needle attached in order to prevent accidental injection. People with a known hypersensitivity to pentobarbital should avoid contact with the veterinary medicinal product.
Veterinary medicinal products should not be administered by pregnant women.
Personal protective aids, including water proof gloves and goggles, should be used when dealing with veterinary medicinal products.
In the case of an accident, it is necessary to take the following steps:

Skin: Immediately wash with water. Immediately seek medical attention and show the doctor the information leaflet or the label.

Eyes:   Immediately rinse with a large amount of cold water. Immediately seek medical attention and show the doctor the information leaflet or the label.

Consumption: Rinse the mouth out. Immediately seek medical attention and show the doctor the information leaflet or the label. Keep the patient warm and calm.

Accidental Injection by the Product: IMMEDIATELY seek medical attention and show the doctor the information leaflet or the label and inform him about poisoning due to barbiturate. Do not leave the patient unattended.

DO NOT DRIVE A MOTOR VEHICLE. Can lead to decrease in consciousness (sedation).

To the Physician:

This veterinary medicinal product contains addictive substances – sodium pentobarbital (barbiturate). The concentration of sodium pentobarbital in the product is so large, that even a small dose (1 ml) of accidental application of the veterinary medicinal product by a human can lead to damaging the central nervous system. The dose of sodium pentobarbital in 1 g (which corresponds to 2.5 ml of the product) is fatal for humans.
Ensure that the victim’s respiratory passages are open and administer symptomatic and supportive treatment.

Adverse reactions

In rare cases, short, gasping breathing, related to heart failure, can occur. In this condition, the animal is already clinically dead. Short muscle spasms can occur after application.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

Not applicable.


Not known.

Dosage and method of administration

Quick intra-venous or intra-cardiac administration.
The recommended dose of sodium pentobarbital is 140.0 mg/kg body weight, one-time, which corresponds to 0.35 ml of solution of the product/kg body weight.

The dose is unanimous for all target species.

Check for a decline of life functions after administration. Repeat administration, if necessary.

For intra-venous administration, speed of administration is essential.
For cattle and horses, the use of a catheter is recommended. Strictly follow intra-venous administration. When administering perivascularly, a decrease of the effects takes place.

Intra-cardiac administration is acceptable only following deep sedation or anesthesia.

It is possible to puncture the cap a maximum of 50 times.

Overdose (symptoms, emergency procedures, antidotes), if necessary

Not applicable.

Withdrawal period(s)

Not intended for food animals. It is necessary to take appropriate measures in order for the bodies and animal by-products of dead animals, to whom the product was administered, did not enter into the food chain and were not used for consumption by people or animals.


Not applicable.

Shelf Life

The shelf life of the veterinary medicinal product in an undamaged package: 3 years.
Shelf life after the internal package was first opened: 3 months.

Special precautions for storage

This veterinary medicinal product does not require any special temperature conditions for storage.
Keep in the bottle in the box in order to protect it from light.


100 ml

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