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RHINISIN DNT emulsion for injection for pigs

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Porcine progressive atrophic rhinitis vaccine with dermonecrotoxical toxoid (inactivated)

type of preparative: Vaccines
target species animals: Pig

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Composition - 2 ml:

Active substances:

Pasteurella multocida type D – dermonecrotoxical toxoid    min. 2 μg

Cell suspension of Bordetella bronchiseptica inactivata   min. 1010 microorganisms

Cell suspension of Pasteurella multocida inactivata  min. 1010 microorganisms

Adjuvant: Emulsio olei

Excipients: Alhydrogel – 2% suspension Al2O3, Formaldehydi solutio 35%, Thiomersalum, Aqua pro injectione

Effect method:

Piglets of immunized sows are passively protected against atrophic rhinitis by the transfer of maternal antibodies with colostrum. The specific immunity protection develops between the 14th and 21st day after vaccination.  The level of immunity against the respective infections can be proven by the ELISA test -  a specific antibody assay in the blood serum of the vaccinated animals or a challenge test on piglets of vaccinated mothers.


For protection of piglets against atrophic rhinitis by passive immunization with maternal antibodies contained in the colostrum of immunized sows.


Sows later than 2 weeks before the expected birth and animals with raised temperature should not be vaccinated.


It is possible to use simultaneously with the KOLISIN and PLEUROSIN vaccines. No other vaccines are recommended for simultaneous administration.


2 ml dose regardless the animal’s weight and age.
Basic vaccination: breed sows and gilts are vaccinated with one dose 8-6 weeks before birth giving. Revaccination: 4-2 weeks before the birth.
Further revaccination is carried out with one dose 3 to 2 weeks before each expected birth. If the period between the two subsequent births exceeds 8 months, it is necessary to repeat the basic vaccination.

Method of administration:

Route of administration: deep intramuscular application in parts behind the auricles.

Adverse effects:

Incidence of temporary swelling or oedema at the application site can occur in isolated cases.

Special warning:

Before use, the vaccine should be heated at room temperature to 15 - 22°C and well shaken. The product should be always applied under aseptic conditions. For healthy animals only.
The vaccine should be consumed within 24 hours after the first piercing of the stopper.


The products should not be used after the expiry date marked on the label.
Disposal of packaging materials or any remainders of the product must be carried out in compliance with the valid regulations.


At a dark and dry place, at 2 - 8°C. The vaccine must not get frozen.

Withdrawal period:

No protection periods

Shelf life:

2 years.
After first opening the container – 24 hours.


1 x 20 ml, 1 x 100 ml

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