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Biocan M Plus, injection suspension for dogs

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Inactivated vaccine against mycotic disease caused by Microsporum canis in dogs

type of preparative: Vaccines
target species animals: Dog

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Composition - 1 ml:

Microsporum canis inact. - at least min. 1 million vegetative forms, formaldehydum, sodium chloride - solution.


For both the prevention and therapy of skin mycosis in dogs induced by the dermatophyte Microsporum canis. The animals should be vaccinated not earlier that at the age of 2 months.


Total febrile disease. Pregnant dogs should not be vaccinated. Other immunoprophylactic interventions shall not be performed in the period of one week before the first vaccination and 14 days after the second (or the third) vaccination (except of the application of the vaccines intended for dogs and manufactured by the company Bioveta, Plc.).

Method of administration:

Intramuscular only, into a musculature of a pelvis extremity. The vaccination and re-vaccination should be performed into the left and right body part, respectively.


1 ml regardless of the age, weight and race of the individual.

Vaccination schedule:

Immunity is formed within 1 month after the revaccination and lasts at least 1 year. Is necessary to vaccinate the animals 2 times at the interval 10 - 21 days between 1st and 2nd vaccination. In case of the therapeutic vaccination the third vaccination dose shall be applied (if necessary) 10 - 21 days after the revaccination.

Biocan M Plus vaccine shall be applied always separatelly, it shall not be used as a diluent for lyophilized vaccines or mixed with liquid vaccines Biocan. Any other vaccines Biocan can be applied simultaneously with the vaccine Biocan M Plus (prefarably on the opposite body side).

Adverse reaction:

Adequate local reaction (obviously of a pea in size) that will disappear within 3 weeks can be observed at the application spot. Hypersensitivity can occur only rarely.


Store in a dry and dark place at the temperature of 2 - 8 oC. The vaccine shall not be allowed to freeze.

Protection period:

Not intended for food animals.

Shelf life:

18 months


2 x 1 ml, 10 x 1 ml

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