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FERRIBION 100 mg/ml injection solution

Homepage Products Veterinary products FERRIBION 100 mg/ml injection solution

Antianaemic product

type of preparative: Antianemics
target species animals: Horse, Fur-bearing animal, Pig, Cattle, Goat, Sheep, Dog, Fox

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1 ml of injection solution contains:

Dextraferranum 100 mg

Effect method:

The preparation is used as the source of ferric ions and is intended for haemoglobin formation.


Primary anaemia, particularly hypochromic and aferric in all types of farm animals showing the following symptoms:

  • depression, pallid mucosa, subnormal temperature and possible diarrhoea of non-infectious origin. Secondary anaemia
  • due to the long-term haemorrhage caused by injuries, long-term surgical interventions and complicated deliveries;
  • anaemia caused by the primary or secondary parasitic affections; supporting treatment during infectious diseases and exhaustion.





Drug form and pharmacothera-peutic group:

Injection solution for parenteral use. Antianaemic preparation intended for use in all types of farm animals.

Method of administration:

Intramuscular with sufficiently thin needle so that the amount applied to one spot shall not exceed 5 ml.
Apply the injection into the gluteal musculature on a medial thigh surface and into the neck musculature in piglets and other animals, respectively.


  Preventive Treatment
Adult cattle,horses 4 - 8 ml 8 - 12 ml
Calves, sheep, goats 2 - 4 ml 4 - 6 ml
Piglets (2-3 days old) 1 - 2 ml 2 - 2,5 ml
Lambs 1,5 - 2,5 ml 2 - 4 ml
Dogs 1 - 2 ml Preventive doses
should be repeated
at the intervals
of 1-2 weeks for
2-3 times.
Minks (8 -12 weeks old) 0,5 ml
Minks (3 months and above) 1 ml
Foxes (6 -12 weeks) 1 ml
Foxes (3 months and above) 2 ml

Adverse effects:



Iron doses applied to piglets under the age of 21 days shall not exceed 160 mg because the higher doses are unnecessary and unsuitable due to the possible occurrence of myodegradation.


Store in a dark and dry place at the temperature between 10 -  25 °C. Do not use after the expiry date stated on the label.

Withdrawal period:



50 ml, 100 ml, 500 ml

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