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LOTAGEN 360 mg/ml concentrate for vaginal/cutaneous solution

Homepage Products Veterinary products LOTAGEN 360 mg/ml concentrate for vaginal/cutaneous solution

Local antiseptic, disinfectant

type of preparative: Antiseptics, disinfections
target species animals: Dog, Horse, Cattle

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Composition - 1 ml:

Policresulenum (m-cresol sulphonic acid formaldehyde polycondensate (14:1))- 0,36 g, aqua purificata.

Solution, for external topical use and internal irrigation use.

Effect method:

Lotagen can be used in a wide range of situations on account of several mechanisms of action. In vitro experiments, with different strains of bacteria and fungi, have shown that Lotagen kills them even in concentrations of 0.15 to 0.20 mg/ml. In contrast to antibiotic and chemotherapeutic substances which produce their effect in bacteria by enzymatic blockade, Lotagen attacks the cell wall of bacteria, fungi, yeasts and protozoa directly. Accordingly, the action of Lotagen is not pathogen specific, but can attack a broad spectrum of pathogens. The development of resistance is unknown following treatment with Lotagen.Lotagen can distinguish pathologically altered tissue from healthy tissue. Functionally damaged cells are coagulated and shed. Intact cells are stimulated to construct new mucous membrane or skin layers.Lotagen triggers contraction of smooth muscle fibres. In the walls of minor arteries this results in vasoconstriction. The application of Lotagen can therefore staunch minor bleeding.


  • Sterility due to endometritis or subacute infections; cervicitis, vaginitis, vestibulitis, trichomoniasis; obliteration of milk pseudofistulae.
  • Injuries to the vagina, post-partum vaginal haemorrhage, prevention of MMA syndrome in sows.
Surgical procedures and wound toilet:
  • Minor local haemorrhages and bleeding during surgery, fresh wounds and slow-healing wounds, lupus (dermatitis of the pastern), canker of the hoof (pododermatitis chronica verrucosa madidans), foot ulcers, rot in the frog (thrush) and other soft tissues of the foot, interdigital necrobacillosis, foot-rot in sheep, burns, inflammation of the external auditory canal (otitis externa), furunculosis, exanthematous changes of the skin, erosions, lavage of the urovagina in horses.

Indication group:

Local antiseptic, disinfectant.





Method of administration and dosage:


Chronic endometritis, treatment of trichomoniasis:

  • cows and heifers should be given 50-150 ml of pre-diluted Lotagen® Concentrate, depending on the size and sensitisation of the uterus. Use a 1-2% aqueous solution of Lotagen® Concentrate in cases of chronic catarrhal endometritis (E1) and chronic mucopurulent endometritis (E2), and a 2-4% solution (2-4 parts of Lotagen® Concentrate to 96 parts water) in chronic purulent endometritis . The uterus may also be rinsed out with a Lotagen® Metrinjector. Carry out treatment of sterility in cows during oestrus or a few days before, or after oestrus.

Cervicitis, vaginitis, vestibulitis:

  • wash superficial injuries of the vagina with a 2% solution of Lotagen® Concentrate. Deep and perforating injuries must not be washed.

Retention of the placenta and uterine atonia:

  • If the placenta is retained post-partum and the uterus is atonic, or if pyometra develops, first remove the contents of the uterus, followed by restoration of uterine tone; carry out uterine lavage with 100-200 ml of a 1-2% aqueous solution of Lotagen® Concentrate no earlier than the 9th day post-partum.

Inversion and prolapse of the uterus:

  • Before repositioning a prolapsed uterus, carry out toilet of mucous membrane with a 1-2% aqueous solution of Lotagen®.

Milk pseudofistula ("accessory mammary gland"):

  • To destroy the parenchyma, apply a 8% solution of Lotagen® Concentrate through the opening of the fistula using a milk catheter.

Subacute and chronic endometritis:

  • The recommended amount for intrauterine application in mares is 200-400 ml of a 1-2% solution of Lotagen®, pre-warmed to body temperature.

Microretention (retention of the chorionic villi in the crypts of the uterine mucosa):

  • Following manual extraction of the placenta, carry out uterine lavage with a 0.5-1.0% solution of Lotagen® Concentrate, using a uterine pump. Continue the uterine lavage until a clear fluid is obtained.

Vaginitis (pneumovagina/urovagina):

  • Rinse the vagina with a 1-2% solution of Lotagen® Concentrate.

Lavage of urovagina in horses:

  • Carry out lavage of the urovagina with 1-3 litres of a 0.5% solution of Lotagen®, using an irrigator. To ensure complete lavage of the urovagina, the returning lavage fluid must be clean.
Local use during surgery and toilet of old wounds


  • For smaller superficial haemorrhages, cover the wound with gauze soaked in Lotagen® Concentrate; alternatively, use a tampon soaked in Lotagen® in the first dressing.

Toilet for wounds, ulcers, abscesses, eczema and other pathological skin changes:

  • Once daily, apply a gauze soaked in a dilute 4-20% solution of Lotagen® Concentrate onto the old wound or pathologically changed tissue. Continue the treatment with Lotagen® Gel.

Foot ulcer, rot in the frog (thrush) and other soft tissues of the foot, urovagina of the hoof, interdigital necrobacillosis, foot-rot in sheep, lupus - pastern dermatitis, dehorning: For minor surgical procedures, apply dilute Lotagen® Concentrate in the form of a 20% aqueous solution.

Small animal use - Dogs

Eczema of the lip and lip folds:

  • Apply a gauze soaked in Lotagen® Concentrate to the inflamed region of the lip or lip fold. Repeat if required.

Fistulae of the anal glands:

  • Inject 2 ml of a 5% aqueous solution of Lotagen® Concentrate into the ducts of the anal glands. Repeat if required.

Interdigital ulcerations:

  • Apply a gauze soaked in Lotagen® Concentrate to the affected area between the toes.

Otitis externa:

  • Rinse the auditory canal with a 5% aqueous solution of Lotagen® once daily, or apply Lotagen® Gel inside the canal using a cotton bud.

Repeated treatments, for the indications listed above, are carried out using the same concentrations (%) and quantities (ml) of Lotagen® solution.

Preparing working solutions of Lotagen® Concentrate:

Percentage solution Lotagen® Concentrate Water for injection
0.5 %

0.5 ml
5 ml

up to 100 ml
up to 1 L

1 %

1 ml
10 ml

up to 100 ml
up to 1 L

2 %

2 ml
20 ml

up to 100 ml
up to 1 L

4 %

4 ml
40 ml

up to 100 ml
up to 1 L

8 % 8 ml up to 100 ml
20 % 20 ml up to 100 ml

Undesirable effects:



After contact with textiles or leather, wash off immediately with water. The preparation must not come into contact with the eyes.


Store at 15 to 25 °C. Keep out of the reach of children.

Withdrawal period:

Not applicable

Shelf life:

60 months


100 ml glass vial

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