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LOTAGEN injector intrauterine solution

Homepage Products Veterinary products LOTAGEN injector intrauterine solution

Local antiseptic, disinfectant product

type of preparative: Antiseptics, disinfections
target species animals: Pig, Cattle

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Composition - 150 ml:  

Policresulenum  2.16 g  (Polycondensate of m-cresolsulfonic acid and formaldehyde at the mass ratio of 14:1)


Selective coagulation effect:
Lotagen acts differentially onto the pathologically changed and healthy skin parts. Lotagen coagulates cells which function is impaired; such cells are then systematically eliminated from the organism (demarcation, elimination). On the other hand, Lotagen stimulates division of undamaged cells resulting in the formation of the new mucosa membrane; it means that cells are stimulated to enhance skin epithelization.

Adstringent effect: Lotagen stimulates contraction of smooth musculature which results in arterioles contraction and thus small bleeding can be stopped.

Target species:

Cattle, pigs


The product is intended for use in gynaecology and obstetric where its antimicrobial, selective, coagulation and astringent effects can be advantageously used.

Gynaecology – Sterility induced by acute infections, cervicitis, vaginitis, vulvitis, genital trichomoniasis and urovaginitis

Obstetrics – Vaginal injury, vaginal bleeding



Cervicitis, vaginitis and vulvitis: Tampons soaked with the product solution are applied (tampons shall be removed after treatment) or irrigation is performed.


MMA syndrome: At least 300 ml of the product is used for intravaginal irrigation. The therapeutic irrigation shall be performed within 12 hours after delivery.

Withdrawal period:


Shelf life:

Shelf-life 60 months.

Special precautions for storage:

Store at  the temperature between 15-25 °C.


150 ml in polyethylene compressible containers.

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